Café Menu

Main Dishes £7.50

·         Veggie burger with house fries & slaw on a wooden board; add 50p for melted cheese (V*)

·         Smokie Joe; a vegan smoked sausage in toasted sour dough with spinach, mayo & sun blush tomato, served with house fries and slaw; add 50p for melted cheese  (V*)

·         Red pepper hummus, roast veg & sweet potato pie (V*)


·         Caribbean style chickpea curry roti (V*)

·         Nichols salad; choose from either:- Frittata, Feta, Halloumi, Tofu or Stuffing egg , served with house fries, slaw, leaves OR a trio of salads,

·         Club sandwich; Avocado, tofu, tomato, leaves, mayo & wholegrain mustard served with root vegetable crisps or house fries

Sandwiches £5.50

·         Garden wrap; red pepper hummus, carrot, spinach & basil (V*)·        

·         Cheddar with red onion chutney & salad leaves

·         Avocado, tomato chutney & salad leaves (V*)

·         Tofu, carrot chutney & salad (V*)

·         Add a  portion of fries for £3.50

Toasted sandwiches £6

·         Cheese, tofu and spinach (V*)

·         Brie, red onion chutney and spinach  (V*)

·         Mushroom & cheese (V*)

Soup in a mug and sandwich

·         Soup with a sandwich                £7 (V*)

·         Soup with a toasted sandwich  £7.25 (V*)


·         Vegetarian breakfast; tomato, mushroom, sauté potatoes, organic beans, scrambled or fried eggs served with toast £6

·         Vegan breakfast; tomato, mushroom, sauté potatoes, organic beans and smoked tofu served with toast. £6

·         Brunch; Toasted focaccia, grilled halloumi, scrambled eggs, spinach, tomato chutney and salad £5.75

·         Avocado on sour dough with fresh basil & sun blush tomato, £6

On toast

·         Scrambled eggs, spinach and cheese     £5

·         Scrambled eggs                                          £4.50

·         Organic beans                                             £4.50

Omelettes £5.50

A choice of; cheese, mushroom,, onion, tomato or spinach. Served with toast or salad

Toasted options £1.75

Toast with preserve, cinnamon toast or a toasted fruit teacake,

Porridge £3.50 ( served until 12)

With cinnamon sugar, golden syrup, honey or agave

Hot drinks

All tea’s    £1.60

Latte/Cappuccino/Americano/Flat white    £2.50

Mocha   £3

Double espresso   £1.60

Hot water & lemon   50p

Shaved Belgium hot chocolate   £3

Cold drinks

Fenteman’s ginger beer/lemonade       £1.90

San Pellegrino range                                £1.6 0

Folkington’s fruit juices                           £1.90

Elderflower presse                                   £1.90

Coke/Diet Coke                                            90p

Harrogate spa still/sparkling                £1.70

See board for wine, lager & beer