Café Menu

Main Dishes £7.50

·         Red pepper hummus, roast veg & sweet potato pie (V*)

·         Buddha bowl; dahl, basmati rice, spinach, mango chutney & garlic toast (V) (GF*)

·          Frittata (spinach, tomato & cheese) (GF*)

·          Farinata (an Italian flat bread made from gram flour & filled with roasted vegetables) (GF*) (V*)

·         Stuffing egg  (a hard-boiled egg in a breaded leek and sage stuffing)

·         Grilled halloumi

·         Smoked tofu

Above dishes are served with fries (not GF), slaw  (V*) & leaves or a trio of salads

·         S.L.T. veggie sausages, lettuce & tomato in toasted granary with mayo & maple mustard served with house fries & tomato chutney,    add 50p for melted cheese (V*)

·         Club sandwich; Avocado, tofu, tomato, leaves, mayo & wholegrain mustard served with salad or house fries (V*)

Light Bites (all served with green salad & slaw) £6

·         Frittata, farinata or stuffing egg.

·         Sourdough garlic toast with mushrooms, cheese & sun blush tomatoes.

·         Poached eggs & avocado

Sandwiches/Wraps £5.50                                                                                                                 

All Served with a green salad and slaw

·         Cheddar with carrot chutney & salad leaves

·         Avocado, tomato chutney & salad leaves (V*)

·         Tofu, vegan cheese, mayo & salad leaves (V*)

Toasted sandwiches £6

·         Brie, carrot chutney &  spinach

·         Mushroom & cheese (V*)

·         Kale, roasted red pepper  & cheese  (V*)

Soup in a mug and sandwich

·         Soup with a sandwich                £7 (V*)


On the side: -    Grilled halloumi 35p slice/ Salad £1.50 / Fries £2.50- £3.50 /Avocado £1.25 / Slaw 75p Sausage 75p /Poached egg £1 /Sun blush toms £1.50

Breakfast (served all day)

·         Coconut milk porridge topped with blueberries and banana. Try it with honey, golden syrup or cinnamon sugar    (V*)                        £4.50

·         Vegetarian breakfast; tomato, mushroom, sauté potatoes, organic beans, scrambled or fried   eggs served with toast  (GF*)                £6

·         Vegan breakfast; tomato, mushroom, sauté potatoes, organic beans & herb flavoured sausages served with toast.  (GF*)                                                                           £6

·         Brunch; Toasted focaccia, grilled halloumi, scrambled eggs, spinach, tomato chutney and salad        £5.75

On toast (please specify if you require gluten free toast)

·         Poached eggs & avocado                          £6

·         Scrambled eggs, spinach and cheese     £5

·         Scrambled eggs, tomato & cheese          £5

·         Scrambled eggs                                          £4.50

·         Organic beans                                             £4.50

Omelettes £5.50

A choice of; cheese, mushroom, onion, tomato or spinach. Served with toast or salad

Toasted options £1.75

Toast with preserve, cinnamon toast or a toasted fruit teacake, (GF*)

Hot drinks

Don’t forget to have your tea or coffee loyalty card stamped!



·         All teas    £1.60

·         Latte/Cappuccino/Americano/Flat white    £2.50            (add 30p for soy milk)

·         Mocha with dark (V) or milk Belgium chocolate    £3      (add 30p for soy milk)

·         Double espresso   £1.60

·         Dark (V) or milk shaved Belgium hot chocolate   £3          (add 30p for soy milk)


Cold drinks

·         Iced Coffee                                                              £2.50            (add 30p for soy milk)

·         Fresh  orange juice                                               £2.20

·         Fenteman’s ginger beer/lemonade                  £1.90

·         San Pellegrino blood orange/lemon                 £1.80

·         Folkington’s fruit juices                                       £1.90

·         Coke/Diet Coke                                                      £1.10

·         Harrogate spa still/sparkling                             £1.70

·         See blackboard for alcoholic drinks

Soup with a toasted sandwich  £7.25 (V*)